Creating community partnerships, committed to improving public services and employment opportunities across South West Scotland.
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Key Objectives

The key objectives of hub South West are:

  • to provide enhanced local services by increasing the scale of joint service working and integration with Community Planning Partnerships, including the third sector
  • to deliver a sustained programme of joint asset management and investment into community based facilities and developments so that more services are provided locally in communities through multi-disciplinary teams working together (wherever possible and appropriate) from single sites
  • to establish an efficient and sustainable procurement methodology for public sector bodies that:
    • reinforces joint strategic planning and delivery
    • is stable and long-term
    • delivers demonstrably better value for money than current procurement arrangements
    • is flexible in its ability to respond to evolving service strategies and in being able to deliver through different contractual/ funding routes, and
    • is able to generate sufficient project size, volume and deal flow to attract private finance into the delivery and long-term management of the service
    • supports local service improvements by facilitating co-location of services, wherever possible and appropriate to do so
    • provides the infrastructure to increase the scale of joint service planning, working and integration of service delivery between local community planning partners
    • supports the achievement of agreed outcomes for the people at the point of service delivery
  • to share learning and improve the procurement process
  • to deliver facilities for community services that meet public sector policy objectives for design quality and sustainability
  • to facilitate and improve the level of stakeholder engagement in the planning of services and development of facilities for community services,
  • to increase opportunities for local employment and training and other community benefits, and
  • to develop readily accessible and sustainable facilities and services that:
    • meet needs across the full range of communities whilst maintaining their customer focus and delivering agreed outcomes
    • provide best value
    • are accessible to all
    • support local small and medium-sized enterprises and social enterprises, whilst securing sustainable employment opportunities
    • rationalise transport infrastructure and patterns
    • support delivery of single outcome agreements

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