Creating community partnerships, committed to improving public services and employment opportunities across South West Scotland.
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hub South West comprises of a number of public sector organisations (‘Participants’ & The Scottish Futures Trust) and a consortium of private sector partners, collectively called Alliance Community Partnerships. Together, we develop innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions for community services and infrastructure projects across the Education, Health, housing and leisure sectors. 

Alliance Community Partnerships is comprised of three organisations:



We use local and national organisations to deliver construction works through our Territory Supplier Network (TSN). By working collaboratively with Participants, we continually work improve our delivery model, seeking to reduce cost and lead-times. hub South West is committed to improving the planning, procurement and delivery of integrated public services and improved community facilities within the territor. hub South West brings together all of the public sector bodies across South West Scotland, the Participants, to deliver joined-up services, to achieve better value for money for the public purse and continual improvement throughout the project lifecycle.

sft2Scottish Futures Trust

Scottish Futures Trust is a Limited Company, wholly owned by Scottish Ministers. It works with the public sector to deliver the best possible value for money from its investment in infrastructure projects.

Scottish Futures Trust is committed to improving value-for-money and developing innovative ways to finance new infrastructure projects which, in turn, helps protect and develop the construction industry in Scotland.

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