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Skills Academy

George Wallace of CMS Window Systems 7 00000002hub South West's Skills Academy delivers substantial local skills and employment to promote social inclusiveness. In line with the principles of the National Skills Academy, hub South West has designed a Skills Academy for the Territory that will ensure local employers have access, primarily through the pipeline development activities to provide; 

  • advisory support
  • reduced training costs
  • training plans
  • appropriate training and qualifications

Through the establishment of a hub South West Skills Academy, the hub partnership generates opportunities for local people including;

  • work experience
  • job placements
  • apprenticeships
  • graduate recruitment
  • support, training and opportunities for those seeking to return to work

The Skills Academy operates across a wide range of key functions and job types including: construction (craft, technical), engineering, professional services, facilities management and support services.

It works closely with the contractors, local schools, colleges, job centres and employability teams to make this happen.

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