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Supply Chain Institute

supply chainhub South West is committed to recycling the local pound and delivering economic regeneration by actively encouraging local companies to become involved in the delivery of hub projects. Not only will we provide opportunities, but we will actively work with local companies through the Supply Chain Institute to maximise their potential in securing contracts.

The hub South West Supply Chain Institute effectively delivers a  Business Improvement Programme for the benefit of SME's and suppliers associated with the territory development pipeline. You do not have to be an approved supply chain member to attend - we welcome businesses in construction and allied trades that may be interested in getting involved in future projects..


Training and business improvement mentoring via the Supply Chain Institute is delivered in partnership with our Tier-1 Contractors and Professional Services. These initiatives vary from Supplier Showcases and 10 week development programmes to topical workshops and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions. 

To view our current programme of events and register your interest, please follow the link below; 


Supply chain members will be selected based on their relevant experience across the pipeline of projects in both value and type and on the basis of their commitment to continuous improvement and working with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and set targets. For some organisations that are not familiar with this approach but are included on the Supplier Network, hub South West will, through the Supply Chain Institute, provide training and support to familiarise them with the hub approach and provide business improvement support and training.