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hub South West helps to build the future of residential housing provision as it closes in on target of 500 completions

The remarkable success of hub South West’s diversification into house-building has been illustrated as it moves into 2022 with the revelation that it has now delivered a total of 465 high-quality homes across its public-private partnership territory.

When hub South West was established in 2012 to play its part in transforming Scotland's built environment by enabling community focused cost-efficient design and construction, it focused initially on providing schools and colleges, community campuses and health-related projects.

In 2017, it made the strategic decision to apply its unique model of partnership working, stakeholder consultation and sharing of high-quality design and build expertise into assisting its participants in building homes for residential use, starting with a development of 36 flats in Saltcoats, Ayrshire with North Ayrshire Council.

As hub South West moves closer to achieving the delivery of 500 housing units this year, it has completed five projects, and with 10 live projects on site and a further five projects in development, this totals more than £200 million worth of housing projects

The social housing projects range across hub South West’s territory of Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and Dumfries and Galloway and have been facilitated by heavy investment in developing a contractor base with the capability of delivering volume without any dilution of quality.

Michael Ross, recently-appointed Chief Executive Officer at hub South West, said: “It was a bold decision to move into the crowded commercial marketplace of house-building, but it has proved to be a significant and important aspect of our core activities.

“Just last year, we handed over a total of in excess of 200 new homes to families and individuals in South Lanarkshire, North Ayrshire and South Ayrshire and by July 100 new homes had been occupied in Cambuslang’s East Whitlawburn district of South Lanarkshire.

“Completion of the first 100 new homes at East Whitlawburn represents part of a £42 million housing-led regeneration of the area which will deliver 230 new social rented homes and 100 private residences for sale.”

“We believe that applying the core principles we have refined over the years, based on value for money, community engagement, social and community value along with our focus on quality, has advantaged our participants and enabled them to benefit from our unique partnering approach.”  

Construction in South Lanarkshire is being delivered by Tier 1 contractors Cambuslang-based CCG,. Further new homes in North Ayrshire, including a £21m development at Flatt Road, Largs, is being delivered by hub South West at a number of sites, where Prestwick-based Ashleigh is the main contractor.

While focussing on quality, hub South West is also developing and delivering energy efficient homes, as part of the transition to Net Zero. Already, it is challenging future developments with improvements in energy in use and carbon reduction

Its engagement in the sector has brought improved value for money through both the rigour of the hub South West procurement process and the collaborative nature of its development practices.

It is the only housing procurement route that offers local authorities a meaningful and structured social value framework, ensuring a lasting legacy is built beyond the homes.

Bringing public sector bodies together with private sector development partners to foster joint working and deliver best value, hub South West continues to create jobs, training opportunities and apprenticeships, as well as enhancing the quality of life in communities across its territories.