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Dunscore PCC - Ashleigh Environmental Awareness Award

Dunscore Primary School pupils got a pleasant surprise when Assistant Project Manager, Stefan Stankiewicz, from Ashleigh  turned up at their Christmas assembly to present the Ashleigh Environmental Awareness Award.

The pupils of Dunscore Primary School were asked to come up with ideas on saving energy in the environment and to then design a poster demonstrating this in connection with the construction of a new clinic in Dunscore.

Project Manager Neil Smith and Assistant Project Manager, Stefan Stankiewicz, both from Ashleigh, had a very difficult job selecting a winner from over 50 entries.

Rory Robertson and Stevie-Jo Kirkpatrick are pictured here with Stefan handing over the inaugural "Ashleigh Environmental Awareness Award" at the Christmas assembly on 9th December 2013.

Enviro Awareness Dunscore